Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 4: Esther Cho

Happy Easter from the Esther Bunny herself!!! Today was another beautiful, rain free day in Jamaica. The day started off with Eggs McJamaica (basically a mcmuffin but about 826274728 times better). We celebrated Easter Sunday in Petersville. As soon as we stepped out of the vans we heard music spilling out of the church. Praise was pouring out of these people in more ways than just singing. Everyone was dancing and clapping and from the second you stepped in to the second you left all you felt was an overwhelming happiness that just made you smile. The congregation was the definition of spreading Christ's love and joy. We had two different Easter egg hunts after the service. One at the church for the children there and another back at the house for the family. We also took a trip to a beach nearby and I must say, Jamaica does not disappoint. Today was a very much needed day of rest and we are all thankful for it. Especially the boys who slept out on the roof last night (they claim they didn't sleep at all). Tomorrow we will be working at Auldyr again doing both construction and some Easter activities for the children in the town. We found out we still have about an inch more of foundation to build which is about 3 more truckfuls of rocks. Thank you all so much for the prayer you've given and we hope that you can pray more for our safety and stength. 
With lots of love from Jamaica,


  1. Thanks for sharing again! So glad you are having good weather! Cole sleeping on the roof? We continue to keep you in our prayers.

  2. Loved all the pictures! Looks like a wonderful Easter worship service!
    Praying you lean on the Lord. Jehovah Jirah. He equips those He calls!
    Rest well~Love Mama Sav