Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day 6: Juliana Holloway and Molly Kepner

Haiiiii eryone it's Jul! Today was one of the hardest days in my opinion. We went back into Auldyr and carried rock for 4 hours. Yes, 11 pound me was hauling rock. Meeting new people and kids and showing the love of God among such a broken community has been a gift in itself. After finding out the news that the house for Cynthia (that we have been building for four days) was not approved it left us disappointed. And yet we realized that through all this hardship there was a purpose and that purpose was to meet these amazing people among the community and build relationships and learn from them. Seeing everyone in our group come together and pick each other up was so amazing. Each team member's strengths have been shown through multiple tasks and complications. Through every trial we have only grown stronger. In Auldyr I met amazing people including my cute little 3 year old friend MJ who is so so adorable. After a long day, we came back to the house to swim in the pool which ended the day nicely. We're excited to see what God has in store for us next here in our last few days. Peace n blessinz!!

Hello Fellow Americans, it's Molly (or Marley as my Jamaican friends pronounce it)! Today was both physically and emotionally taxing, but all in all today really displayed how wonderful our hosts, Jim and Penie are. Today we carried (what felt like) 900,000 pounds of rocks to the foundation of a house for a sweet mother of five, Cynthia. Later on we discovered the harsh truth that we will not be able to build the house on this foundation that not only we, but 22 other teams have worked tirelessly on. Honestly, it was heartbreaking to hear this news, but it really showed what Jim and Penie have to cope with on a regular basis. They put so much love and hard work into their ministry and sometimes it does not always work out the way they wished, but they never give up hope in God's plan. They are a real life example of continuous love and faith in God and they have taught me more in our four days then I ever could have imagined. I miss you all but I am really happy that I am here, I know it is where God wants me to be.



  1. Sorry to hear of your disappointment regarding Cynthia's home. I do believe that it is God's will and that it in itself is a lesson in things not always going the way we think they should when we feel we have put in lots of effort and hard work. Some of these experiences are "life lessons" (as I have often told you Juliana - :) ) You learn to go on and trust and believe in God's plan. Will continue to pray for all of you in your ministry. Continue with your work there...it makes a difference.

  2. Thanks for the updates! Love seeing the ocean and sun (if only virtually ) on this dreary rainy day. I have loved seeing you pouring concrete and pouring into the lives of the children. The concrete may not be of use but your love and care for the children will live eternally. Lifting you up in prayer as you continue the work the Lord has set before you.
    Hugs to Matt Sav! Love~his mama

  3. hello torie and team jamaica,

    sorry to hear of the disappointment of the foundation not being approved but be proud in the work you guys did and know that cynthia will remember your hard work forever. we are still praying that your last few days there will be prosperous. hope you are having nice weather as its cold and nasty here. torie poppy says hello and we all love and miss you cant wait to see you saturday