Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 5: Rachel Conover and Cole Trimble

Hey Guys, this is Rachel & Cole. This was a very eventful Monday! This morning we learned Molly is an expert when it comes to making pb&js but when it comes to Ryan he is completely incompetent. We spent another day working hard in Auldyer. The foundation is nearly complete and God willing Cynthia will be living in her long awaited home for her and her five children very soon. Despite burnt shoulders and many bug bites, our spirits are still high and we are loving every second here. We also worked with the children from the town of Auldyer and did our best to make this a special day for them, including carnival games and a short Bible lesson. For the most part the children were pretty well behaved but honestly it was a very exhausting day keeping them focused and on task. Towards the end of the day it began to rain thus ending our work. We were well rewarded with snorkeling in the Caribbean. The team enjoyed taking the GoPro under and getting some great shots. The rest of the day was spent recuperating with an incredible meal made by Rochelle. In conclusion It was another wonderful day in Jamaica and Rachel's eyebrows are much better than Joe's.

(Full disclosure, I have pants on in this picture.)


  1. Glad to hear from you guys. Good thing Ryan doesn't like pbj! Sounds like God is doing awesome things there. Love you all and Praying for you! Dad A.

  2. Love seeing all your updates and how hard you all are working. Praying for you as well as all of people you are serving. Love you all and praying for you all each day!!! Miss Stow