Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 9: Matt Buchan

I made Matt Buchan blog despite his deepest reservations against it.

Hey guys it's Matthew Buchan! Today we all had an awesome time at YS Falls. We swam in waterfalls, went zip lining, and bought some things in the gift shop. We first went zip lining through the park. Then we jumped into the cold waterfalls and swam around for awhile. While we swam in the falls we jumped off rock ledges and used a rope swing to do so. The gift shop had some cool T-shirts and some little nick nacks. After our time at YS Falls we went out to eat at the Jerk Chicken Shack. They honestly cooked one of the best chickens I have ever eaten! Today was awesome and we are all having a wonderful time in Jamaica serving The Lord. See you guys real soon! 
-Matt Buchan 


  1. So glad to see you all having fun! While you have been in Jamaica, Mr. T and I have been not too far away on the island of Provo. Many of the workers here are from Jamaica. They leave their families for 2 year contracts for the opportunity to make money to send back home. When I would tell them that my son was with his classmates serving in missions on their home island their responses were overwhelming. They told us they love when others come to help because it lets them know that others care for them. (I showed them your pictures too!) you have done well Team Jamaica! Thanks Brianna and Joe for you leadership and all of the pics and updates. Praying for safe travels! Love and prayers! Mom Trimble

  2. Loving the pics.